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I have an array of events with start and end dates. EDIT: I took a look at the similar question that Markus Jarderot has answered before and found the answer I was looking for.

Currently I sort the entire array to be in order from earliest to latest then find out how many times an event is overlapped and how many times it is overlapping another.

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A range of different radiometric systems are used to date events and processes in the solar system’s history, but they all rely on the same fundamental principles.

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If we know the absolute age of Shallowater, we can then calculate absolute ages of other samples from the age difference between it and Shallowater.

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The I-Xe dating technique emerged from this, and let to the development of this field of dating events in the early solar system based on the decay of extinct, short-lived radioisotopes.

I ratio of one sample, and that of a reference sample.