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The popularity of online dating in general has skyrocketed since the days of AOL chat rooms and BBS systems to become the fastest, easiest and best way to meet new romantic interests.

Even more importantly, as dating communities grow and expand they are also spinning off new dating sites built specifically to cater to the […] Most people in the dating world have heard of the 2 day rule at this point.

Are you hoping to get a second, third, fourth chance to make a relationship work? If you are feeling this way you are still holding on.

Here’s some dating advice straight from the laboratory: It turns out there may be something to “playing hard to get.” A study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, finds that a woman is more attracted to a man when she is uncertain about how much he likes her.

Steven attempts to […] Did your one-year relationship end abruptly?

A good source worth listening to is Steven Ward who hosts VH1’s hit shows Tough Love and Tough Love Couples.

Research has shown that there are biological reasons behind much of our behavior.

This is especially salient within the world of dating and relationships.

The brain regulates your love life using a veritable cocktail of chemicals.

Upon meeting someone who you find attractive, your system releases norepinephrine and dopamine.