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Technology: Industry, Li DAR, Related & New Technologies, Software Industries: Architecture Engineering & Construction (AEC), Process Power & Utilities, Surveying & Mapping, Transportation & Infrastructure NYC-based startup Carmera is primarily focused on the autonomous vehicle market, but its clever new business model is set to have big effects on the wider commercial 3D tech market.

The company promises to “do for roads what googlebot did for the web” by providing regularly updated, accurate, indexed 3D data for autonomous vehicles, but also architects, city planners, construction companies, and really any “other built environment planners” you can name.

Using this model, the company gets access to mobile mapping platforms that cover an incredible amount of ground in cities every day, meaning a much faster data refresh rate.

(In return, these fleet companies gain access to analytics derived from the sensor data).

Customers commissioning an area for capture benefit from our fair pricing policy which ensures that you will not pay more for commissioned capture than for 3D model available from our library.

Upgrades to LOD4 models are also available, from single facades to entire city blocks.

Even in 2017 that mapping data is surprisingly hard to come by, since it’s either non-existent, not good enough (HERE), or locked in a closed platform (Google).

Build your own big city with its residential, commerce, and industry zones like in Sim City games, and have fun.

Models are supplied geo-referenced and are ready to be used within any CAD or GIS platform as well as in Sketch Up or 3D Studio Max.

A masterplanning and urban design practice required a model of Holbeck in Leeds for their client that is planning the regeneration of this South Bank part of central Leeds.

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