Who is natalie cassidy dating

Walford's Queen of Evil has spread rumours about Jamie Mitchell's bedroom antics, blackmailed Ian Beale, pushed her blubbering husband Barry off of a cliff, and stabbed herself in an attempt to frame Stacey Slater for attempted murder. He was so keen to retain the title that he even came 'back from the dead' to continue his villainous ways.

He served up divorce papers to his first wife Angie on Christmas Day but failed to escape from his second wife Chrissie who thumped him on the head with a doorstop.

Meanwhile, Jasmine felt the need to clarify the rumors and tweeted on 2nd April, stating that she has only been maintaining a friendly relationship with her co-star.

Addressing Shaheen as her "bestest friend," she made her intention clear regarding her relationship amidst her fans.

Natalie Cassidy has given birth to a daughter, she revealed on social media over the weekend.

The East Enders actress just welcomed her second child, revealing her name as Joanie Elizabeth Cassidy-Humphreys in a photo posted on Twitter.

As with all East Enders villains, Stella never did get her happy ever after and met her grizzly end after being confronted by Phil on their wedding day before throwing herself off of a building.

No one seemed to escape Archie’s dastardly actions.

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Shaheen, who previously appeared on ITV's Britain's Got Talent, collaborated with the cast of East Enders justifying a character, Shakil Kazemi.Sharing the same set and portraying the love interest for each other in the series, Jasmine and Shaheen gradually came up as good friends, and this probably has been the apparent reason for the people to consider them as partners in real life too.Well, the thing got more intense with the passing time, and they found themselves caught in rumors that they were having dating affairs.Poor Ben Mitchell was subjected to months of abuse from Stella Crawford.The lawyer bullied the boy and even manipulated him into convincing his father Phil Mitchell to get down on one knee and pop the question.