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Despite receiving admiration from the entire fraternity does she ever has received personal love and attention from her man or is she married to her man and she enjoying her motherhood?So, today for the lady lovers, we are bringing you the spicy gossip about the actress involving her marital status, dating status, and her parenthood.Shortly after, at age 15, she decided to leave school and start a professional career as backing singer.She met Prince in 1980 at age 18, when Teena Marie was the opening act during his Dirty Mind tour.

At a very young age she was exposed to a lot of music, mostly blues and Jazz, amongst others Nancy Wilson. Barely into her teens, Jill moved to California where she dived a bit more into the music business.She also had exposure to music from the likes of Charles Brown, Muddy Waters & B. She often witnessed studio sessions and became familiar with the way a record session is organized, and how producers and engineers worked.Soon after Jill Jones' mother started managing Teena Marie, one of Jones' cousins, Teena moved into their house.(You thought last season when Dylan Mc Dermott had to masturbate and cry was bad?That’s nothing compared to watching Mc Dermott breastfeed.) American Horror Story is really making me wonder what happened to the show’s writers when they were children.