Using and validating the strategic alignment model avison raleigh dating scene

These models present concrete ways to evaluate strategic business IT-alignment. (2009) Business and IT Alignment: An Evaluation of Strategic Alignment Models. D., Ordonez de Pablos P., Damiani E., Avison D., Naeve A., Horner D. Ensuring that organizational IT is in alignment with and provides support for an organization#s business strategy is critical to business success.The alignment of business and IT has been a persistent topic of discussion in the past decades.As information systems have evolved from an administrative support function to an integral part of business fabric, the classic “internal” perspective adopted by the bulk of alignment research falls short in accounting for the dynamic business network context and continuous evolution with the environment.A warning on alignment is mentioned in a study of Bain & Company [Shpilberg et al, 2007].

This poses a significant challenge, because most models of alignment presuppose an existing business strategy to which an IT organization can align itself.We present an integrated approach to requirements engineering for organizational IT.To help validate IT-business strategy alignment, we propose a single model according to Jackson#s problem diagram framework to encompass both business strategy and system requirements.However, despite a growing body of research, a number of gaps can be identified in the literature.First, as many previous studies claim (e.g., Kearns and Lederer 2000; Avison .