Updating xml nodes c

NET' application's configuration file (web.config) is built completely upon XML tags.

It also shows how to use the Stream class included in the System.

This example demonstrates three approaches to removing elements. Second, it retrieves a collection of elements, materializes them using the System.

Any node type not listed in the table is not a valid node type to set a value on.

updating xml nodes c-22

This is because update statements reparse the documents they operate upon and then ultimately store them back in the container in the format used for node storage containers.

The When NSXML processes an input file or other source of XML, it automatically sets the values of nodes as string objects.

(It has no other indication of the types of values other than the form it finds them in: strings.) Keeping the value of nodes as strings is acceptable for most applications.

For more information, see Mixed Declarative Code/Imperative Code Bugs (LINQ to XML) (C#). Finally, it retrieves a collection of elements and removes them using the Remove extension method.

The following methods remove nodes and attributes from an XML tree. For more information on the To List operator, see Converting Data Types (C#).