Updating vb window from a c program

I din't find much on the subject except for "C:\Windows\System32\/detectnow" though when I run it it don't seem to do much.

So the question is it there is any command or file you can run to make Windows download and install updates?

Some of these calls are made in the constructor of a Table Class class, which handles the creation of several dozen data classes one at a time, as directed in some code I’ve commented out.

I can verify at any breakpoint that the values of the Progress Bar and Loading Text Box are updated exactly as I directed them to be.

In the Initialized sub I make several synchronous calls to the splash screen’s Dispatcher. Popup, Adapter Type Name String As String, Temp Data Row Type Name String As String) ‘do some initialization work for each data class here, all of which executes as expected Application.

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