Updating software on samsung led tv

CNET's David Katzmaier explains HDR with Jeff Bakalar, and Mike Sorrentino brings in your questions in this excerpt from Open_Tab.

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Select "Firmware" and click on the "Upgrade File" icon.Many TVs have local dimming, so it's logical to assume that since they have the hardware and software to control local dimming, then adding in a few lines of code to read the HDR signal and apply that shouldn't be too hard. Nearly every TV on the market today is capable of deeper colors than what's in the HDTV signal.So is it possible to add some new firmware that lets the TV read HDR and let the light and color run free, getting the older TV as close to HDR as it possibly can? sure, but it won't happen unless your TV was made to do HDR from the factory (or at least, "HDR ready"). You can't (with a few exceptions) upgrade the HDMI 1.4 chips inside the TV to handle HDMI 2.0a.Samsung LED, or light emitting diode, televisions use an LCD screen with LED lights either behind the screen or around the edge of the screen to provide a high-quality picture in a lightweight case.LED televisions are often energy-saving and most meet Energy Star specifications.