Updating bios on dell inspiron 1420

My walkaround is to use the slightly outdated 7. of the GM965 gfx drivers. Selected Details: I've got a fancy Dell M1330 notebook with intel X3100 graphics integrated into the GM965 chipset.Dell ships this Core2Duo notebook with 7. of the graphics driver version runnning Vista Business 32Bit @2GB memory.

Go to the "Start" menu on the Windows desktop and select "All Programs." From there go to "Accessories" and find "Command Prompt." Right-click on "Command Prompt" and select "Run as Administrator."Type in "cd desktop" after "C:\Users\"User Name" (the last part of the file name being something like "D620_A10.EXE" when the full location of the file is "C:\Users\"User Names"\Desktop\D620_A10. current workaround (if no bugfix BIOS available): use intel display driver 7. (v15.2.6) dated 05/11/2007 or older bugfix BIOS (yet only released for the following systems): Dell Inspiron 1420 : Update BIOS to = A05 (BIOS A05 here) still waiting for fixes for at least these notebooks: Dell Vostro 1500 I don't know whether these notebooks are affected as well, nor whether a BIOS update is being prepared: Dell Vostro 1510, 1710, 1700 Dell Latitude ATG List of notebooks NOT affected: Dell Vostro 1310 Bottom Line: I have sufficient reason to belive in some memory corruption bug with the X3100 drivers v15.8 v15.7.3.It may seem painfully obvious but it may save you hours of needlessly troubleshooting a sound problem!If you are not confident updating Drivers then you can use a Driver Update Tool to automate this process for you.