Updating a navman

All other Navman EZY, MOVE, MY, MIVUE DRIVE Series Navdesk Software EZY15, EZY30, EZY40, EZY45, MY60T, MY65T, MY75T, MY80T, MY85XLT, MY90XLT Navdesk Software C40, C60, MY30, MY50, MY55, MY500XT Navdesk Software S100/150/200/300T Nav Desk Software S30/50/80/90i Nav Desk Software S30/50/80/90i (Updated) and F15 Nav Desk Software F10 Nav Desk Software S35/45 Nav Desk software Installing Nav Desk - Windows Once the Nav Desk version for the selected model has finished downloading, simply open up the Nav Desk installer file and follow the prompts.

If you experience any issues during the installation process, please note down any error messages and contact our support line on 1300 628 626 (AU) or 0800 466 286 (NZ).

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I've had a Tom Tom and a Navman and was very disappointed with the quality and service from both companies. A better solution for us was to buy a dedicated GPS app for smart phones at a fraction of the cost of a GPS, with automatic updates as well. From the comments I've just read, think I'll give Navman a big swerve.

Once updates are complete, another pop-up tells you that new maps are available for your GPS device.

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Please ensure that you download the correct version for your unit. These files can be used for installing international maps whilst you are overseas or you have lost your Navdesk disc contained in the box with your unit.

You can also use this software to load custom POIs, instal subscriptions or travel guides, recovering software keys or registering a Pi N against applicable units. It does not include the voice files or any map files.