Stop vuze from auto updating

Encryption for Dropbox™, Google Drive™, One Drive™ with Cyber Scrub Infinity Safe™.

Safely encrypt your files, pictures and documents and then sync your encrypted data with cloud providers.

Sensitive data, such as passwords, financials or health records, even that “about last night” email are at risk.

Don’t allow discovery by a snoop, computer technician or unauthorized persons.

More information on the I2P network is available here If you are looking for the old, deprecated plugin, go here.

With the integrated Duckie Torrent client you can connect Duckie TV to your local Torrent client and be updated on the download progress without switching applications.

Bigly BT, Deluge, Ktorrent, r Torrent, µTorrent/Bit Torrent, q Bittorrent, Tixati, Transmission and Vuze are supported.

The plugin request permissions to access to be able to allow any random mirror to be used for The Pirate Bay and custom trackers in the future.

Chrome's extension model requires you to whitelist *exactly* the urls that you are accessing, which becomes impossible because of this. Topsites API that allows to display your most favorite sites on the new tab extension.