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Marquette is ready to take your team to the end zone! Enjoy the feel of flannel while you’re working on gishwhes items? With these two badasses, you’re sure to have a Hunt to remember. Links to Enter for Team Wayward AF: or Competitiveness Level: Mellow Team Description: Ruth’s looking for the best of the best.

Link to Enter for Team Hell’s Belles: Competitiveness Level: Mellow Team Description: Suit up, kiddies… This incomparable duo is not not only back, they’re taking over. No matter which coven you may (or may not) belong to, you’re gonna want to be on this MEGA TEAM! Jump on this opportunity to cast a spell on the competition and become a force to be reckoned with as part of Ruth’s team!

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We thought we might be friends or pen pals at best.

We met as she drove through my town on a visit to see her son's family.

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Success Story: When Sonata7 first wrote me on Mingle, she lived in California and I lived in Washington state.