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Everybody is hunched over, as if looking at their smartphone or beat from the exhaustion of swiping their love life away."This whole world was inspired by everything that we were seeing, and we felt that by doing an animated film," said Katie Hunt, Hinge's chief brand officer.The comically awkward reunion on the streets of New York City gives Jay a chance to confront Sheila for ghosting him.Sheila, clearly taken back by his straightforwardness, offers Jay a number of excuses as to why she never called or texted back."It kind of gave us license to have a bit more levity to talk about it and also sort of talk about it in a more abstracted way, which we were really attracted to." The carnival—created in partnership with The Studio and Hinge's agency Red Antler—serves as a metaphor for online dating.There's the Cycle of Loneliness, a Ferris wheel with only one seat.

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Hoping to capture that buzz of meeting someone special for the first time and sharing a connection, Samuel Abrahams’ is the tale of a single man who challenged himself to find his next date without the help of the internet.[Photo Credit: Screenshot via You Tube] For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Urban Dictionary defines “ghosting” as an act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating.If you’ve ever met someone off of a dating app like Tinder, there’s even a chance that you, yourself, may have been a victim of ghosting.When it comes to storytelling, one of the tried and tested techniques for making your audience identify and connect with your narrative, is making it somewhat relatable to their lives.And when it comes to accessible topics – they don’t come much more identifiable than romance.