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Shakespeare Fishing Tackle – Over 108 Years of Excellence in Fishing Tackle “Because of their contributions and longevity in the tackle industry, the Shakespeare name remains one of the most recognizable to the public. 92 Date Line: Kalamazoo, Michigan And what about the future?

As such, it has a fascinating history within the tackle industry. If the past is any indication, you can look forward to Shakespeare having another successful 100 years.

In general, only the highest quality reels (for example, a few made with nickel silver) or reels in mint condition command prices in the higher end of that range.

Most are more valuable for fishing than as collectibles.

Granted, there's a yawning chasm in tone between the dark, treacherous waters of Elizabeth and the breezy fun of Shakespeare in Love, but the films share not only an era (the late 1500s) and a character (the monarch), but a pair of actors as well.

Joseph Fiennes, who gave one of the least impressive performances in Elizabeth (he played Lord Robert Dudley), is somewhat more successful in the title role here, and Geoffrey Rush (Francis Walsingham in the more serious offering) is the proprietor of The Rose theater.

She has the charisma necessary to convince us that her character, Viola, could inspire Shakespeare to write "Romeo and Juliet." Affleck, on the other hand, seems uncomfortable in 16th century garb, and his accent could charitably be called uncertain.

Colin Firth, the British heartthrob who played the male lead in the recent, superlative Pride and Prejudice TV mini-series, is Lord Wessex, the cold-hearted noble who stands between Will and Viola's love.

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Beginning in the early 1930’s, Shakespeare Company introduced a fly reel that evoked the design of the venerable Hardy St. With a much lower price point than its English inspiration, the Russell boasted a robust stamped and riveted frame construction, a dual-spring click-pawl check system, and a large spool arbor.

The precise dating of such models is often difficult without knowledge of various structural details.

Listed below are some of the baitcasters found most commonly by collectors.

Q1: Many of the questions received about older reels concern American level winding baitcasting reels mass-produced from the 1930s to the 1960s.

A: The vast majority of the mass-produced baitcasting reels (and fly reels, too, for that matter) made by the major tackle companies from the 1930s to the 1960s can still be found easily at flea markets and yard sales.