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RTÉ Aertel Digital is an interactive service broadcast on RTÉ One and RTÉ Two in Ireland, and also available in its entirety on the Internet.

The teletext service began development in the mid-1980s (with tests as early as 1985) and was formally launched on 22 June 1987.

The news site was launched in 1998, with its own dedicated journalists.

RTÉ News Online (later RTÉ Interactive News and now simply called RTÉNews) was the first major site in Ireland to provide a rolling online news service with content written for the web.

The push button service is still available through your TV and even accessible online but given the proliferation of the internet in Ireland it is likely being used less and less for the latest news, GAA scores, lotto numbers, subtitles (page 888, remember? So today we want to know do you use Aertel teletext?

THE SWITCH-OFF of the analogue TV signal is now only just over a fortnight away – meaning we’re now in the final month of the traditional Aertel service.

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The online news service had been operational 0700-2300GMT every day with the exception of Christmas Day, when it was replaced with a message wishing everyone a very merry Christmas. Founded in August 1999, RTÉ Sport offers access to a large number of sporting interests.RTÉ Aertel Digital is an enhanced digital version of the RTÉ Aertel teletext service.It functions in the same way as the analogue service, offering current news, sport and weather updates but is now more agile and easier to use.Though still available in some parts of the UK it won’t be long before those areas are also cut off from Ceefax with the advent of digital and the eventual digital switchover meaning the red button is the next port of call.But, that got us thinking about Ireland’s own version of Ceefax, RTÉ’s Aertel.