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I believe HR was created as an affirmative action program for women (this is starting to sound like the Nicene Creed).And I believe because of HR's power trip, it has become an agent of compliance and ego-stroking, not performance.The website’s creator, known as Roosh V, is an anti-feminist polemicist who has been the subject of petitions around the world seeking to ban him from entry to Canada, the UK and the US, each gathering tens of thousands of signatures.He sees himself as part of a broader “neomasculinist” movement, which gained prominence within the men’s rights movement of the 1990s, reasserting a strong masculinity perceived to be under attack.For this reason, I recommend that you completely stop having sex with Trump haters.I’m currently dating a girl who is apathetic about Trump.The Return of Kings website is part of a wider online constellation of anti-feminist “manosphere” subcultures and forums from pick-up artists to MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), which is made up of heterosexual men who rather unconvincingly claim to be voluntarily abstaining from relations with women.Roosh wrote a book series called Bang, advising men on tactics to get women in different countries to sleep with them.

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I also believe the vast majority of HR "professionals" are power hungry, sexist, bigoted and incompetent.He is first generation American (Armenian and Iranian).To quote this guy on youtube Here is the video: I even wrote down the list for those who don’t want to watch it, are hard of hearing or deaf because the captions for it suck.Also because, if you are a lady, it means that the worst dudes on the internet may soon be voluntarily deporting themselves from your dating pool. In a new column up on the hilariously titled “neomasculinist” blog Return of Kings, Roosh V — a self-proclaimed pick-up artist who — encourages his followers to not have sex with women who do not like Donald Trump.Quite frankly, this is perhaps the first thing I have ever agreed with him on!