Pros consolidating police agencies

More aggressive cross training between the two agencies will create a more competent emergency-scene response, but it is most important for each agency to take either a primary or secondary function depending on the circumstances of the incident.It is important for each department to maintain its own identity while at the same time acquiring training necessary to carry out a more effective and supportive role to enhance emergency response, especially in smaller communities with low volume calls and staffing challenges.Regrettably however, although their intriguing observation about homeland security appears to have been an original insight, their latter findings were not new.

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In addition, their study also found potential cost savings and improved effectiveness resulting from consolidation.Yet, in an environment where the effectiveness of the police emergency response to events like the Boston Marathon attack is arguably more important than ever, it seems clear that taking action long overdue is certainly warranted.In the pragmatic tradition of the Wickersham Commission, vis-à-vis the more academically oriented focus of Pachon and Lovrich, their conclusions have garnered recent support from Jeremy Wilson and Clifford Grammich in a 2012 police consolidation article.The strategy implemented by many cities and towns is to consolidate police and fire services by creating “public safety officers” or PSOs.What does work is that each discipline recognizes and acquires some of the secondary competencies of its counterpart to supplement a more efficient operation on the scene of an emergency.