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Trip Cam Local Ads are all about building a valuable and lasting relationship with your favorite local businesses.

Do I need to assemble anything when setting up my Canary? Canary devices capture 24 hours of Video Previews, and you can bookmark an unlimited number of videos.

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If they have a question about the ad, you can comfortably speak about the business.

Any changes made will affect all future sessions (even those that are already scheduled). Do you want shared webcams to appear in your recordings?

If so, enable the "Include webcams in the recording" check box (available only for online recordings). Note: If you are using online recording, then sharing your screen is optional; you can choose to only have audio recorded if desired. At the bottom of the Screen Sharing pane, click Start Recording (Windows) or Record (Mac).

The filmer then records the movie using the camcorder as unobtrusively as possible.

They may try to pick a seat as far back in the theater as possible to avoid the attention of other patrons (and to ensure proper framing of the screen) and/or choose sparsely attended showtimes.