Mutual video chat

It works by notifying a user's friends whenever they have the app open, inviting them to hang out virtually on their smartphones.

The group video chat feature allows you to invite other users to your video chat room on

To develop this application our engineers harnessed the advantage of P2P video-streaming technology.

It gives the benefits of better image and sound quality, as well as fewer time lags.

He was described as being culturally very conservative for a young Baby Boomer, and in some ways that’s true.

' Houseparty' is especially popular among teenagers and by November 2016, it had 1.2 million users spending a total of 20 million minutes on it daily.

He’s a lot more countercultural in his worldview than some of the overtly counterculture filmmakers.

He really believes people can make up their minds to be good, to do the right thing, to overcome ignorance and build bridges, that war and violence is rarely necessary, and so forth.

Unlike social media where kids can have unwanted contacts, this app would be child-friendly and adult approved.

Besides, the app would contain extensive in multimedia features.