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Made from Plywood and powder coated Steel with a Foam filled Vinyl seat and Nylon wheels, the Ride on Ladybird is suitable for both inside and outside use.

Give your child a favourite new playmate with the Mocka Ride on Ladybird.short_description: Your child will adore scooting around on the Mocka Ride on Ladybird.

One can also travel through train, bus and car, according to their distance and suitability.

The place is moderately surrounded by buildings, parks and gardens.

Most of the people are inhabitants of the central region, with almost 5,00,000 living in the districts of rural Harare.

Harare faced momentary decline and disrepair in the past years, because of the downfall in the Zimbabwe economical structure.

But the city did not lose its charm and continued offering its visitors with delightful destinations.