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“We have security cameras to protect them,” mom of three Jennifer, told . Another mom, Shelby Ivie, had shared a screenshot of the girls’ bedroom feed in an effort to track down and warn the family.

Ivie and her son had stumbled upon the live video when they were exploring satellite images of Earth online, and then downloaded a free app called Live Camera Viewer. Apparently, one of Jennifer’s 8-year-old daughters wanted to play a computer game with friends.

These security cameras are supposed to offer security, not provide surveillance footage for anyone to view.Sure, it's great to check up on your house or sleeping baby remotely.But if you don't configure the network correctly, your webcam becomes an open window into your life.Those with an in-home (or office) camera who have no intention of remotely viewing footage should check the device's settings to turn off that function.As a last-ditch effort, Rice suggests simply covering the camera when it's not in use.