Lebian dating tips

To start with give a routine ‘present please’ in lesbian clubs or volunteer lesbian association where you can find interesting individuals of your kind.

‘Coming out’ as a lesbian is one of the hardest things to do. If you know another lesbian maybe in work, in your family or just someone you know of from social media then reach out to them.

You could go to a gay/lesbian club and try your luck there but the gay scene can be overwhelming.

Have a look for other lesbians around your age that share your interests.

Everywhere you look, there are always rules about boy-girl dating.

Perhaps you have a lesbian officemate or classmate, or you happen to see one in the bar or coffee shop you always go to. [Read: How to stop obsessing about that one perfect date] #2 Go out of your comfort zone. These days, there are tons of social media sites dedicated to the lesbian community.

When my friend came out as a lesbian, she was hesitant to try online dating.