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“We lost three times, we don’t want to lose a fourth one,” Macron said at the time (via the AP).“I’m here to convey the message that there’s a strong unity to back this candidacy.” Meanwhile, Los Angeles last hosted the Olympics in 1984 (it also hosted in 1932), and those Games were noted for their organizers’ adherence to strict cost controls.Estherwood, Louisiana, is so small it has no Census designation.The village of roughly 1,000 in Arcadia Parish nonetheless has its own police force-and that force has one fewer senior officer as of Wednesday morning.Those are the kind of provocative questions at the heart of “Domestic Violence Has No Place Here” — a bold public education campaign launched last fall by Mayor Eric Garcetti and intended to generate awareness and honest conversation about a frequently-hidden crime whose victims often suffer in silence.This week, the campaign debuted new ads aimed at young people for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (attached), with an emphasis on social media.Assistant Chief Wayne Welsh resigned late Tuesday, about 48 hours after he posted the following anti-interracial dating meme to his Facebook page: Welsh initially defended the post, according to local ABC affiliate KATC, writing that “It’s not against the law to share something on Facebook,” mentioning the “race card” in response to critics, and writing that “Facebook police mad at me.” Welsh’s Facebook page is public.The post and Welsh’s efforts to defend it spread quickly.

By evening, Welsh’s boss had announced the assistant chief’s resignation.

The ads include such provocative copy as “You may now hit the bride” on a backdrop of white lace; “Roses are red, violets are blue, don’t tell a soul I hit you” on familiar lined notebook paper; and “If I Can’t Have You, No One Will” nestled amongst rose petals.

On another ad, smartphone text messaging streams go from familiar hearts and a friendly check-in to angry icons and controlling messaging demanding to know, “Where are you?

En Gruppit y El Mundo del Single sabemos que sois muy exigentes, que buscáis esa persona que es como vosotros.

Buscamos esa persona que es como tu, tu pareja ideal, la que tiene los mismos intereses, las mismas inquietudes.