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Here are some e-mails she used to write to me with: - [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Here are some of her profiles when I was communicating with her: -

, the Palestinian Authority's Supreme Council has legalized online dating, but with a catch.

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Though Islamic scholars have dismissed online dating in the past, the council stated that the mingling of men and women online was now "a central characteristic of our time" and "unavoidable." This opens the door for many Muslims to date outside their social circles and provides more opportunity for meeting people than ever before.No doubt that every person needs friends, who can share his/her interests and ideas. Unfortunately we do not have such people near us and it makes us feel lonely and miserable.To find friends and especially your half is not an easy task.There is a profile up today 8/10/11 name is jurgitele8, supposedly its a lady that is 34 years old, a high school grad. The crazy thing is, the picture is a sweet little girl not a day over 8 to 10 years old. My warning, Don't pay a nickle to join this site, it's a fake.This user is the known Scammer, using photos listed on the scam websites.