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I love music and play the guitar, violin and piano and I also sing.

I am known to break it down on the d-floor on a Friday night as I love...

I’m your go-to reporter for sport, gossip and social media in Central Queensland.

I’m a 20-year-old sports enthusiast who comes from a family of Aussie Rules players and cyclists.

In the second experiment, 111 volunteers filled out questionnaires about their level of altruism and cooperativeness.

They then observed monitors showing the scores from three rounds of the game, and saw that one player was cheating.‘Also, the higher participants scored on being altruistic, the more likely they were to experience negative emotions after witnessing the selfish behavior and the more likely they were to engage in the gossip.

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I love being right in the heart of the downtown community and being a neighbor to some of my favorite stores.

Hers was the reign, but he has been the grand vizier, the strong — at times rasping — voice at her shoulder.

The Queen and Prince Philip have always fitted each other so well — he sharp, decisive and bold, she cautious and slower about making up her mind, but mutually admiring and, most of all, in love.

Some close observers have always felt the edge which he brought into palace life has had much to do with him having to give up a promising career in the Royal Navy in order to support her as a young Queen.

More than 63 record years since she ascended the throne, what is clearer than ever is that the brash confidence Philip exuded when she first met him, that same apparent certainty about everything, has made her feel — to use the word of one senior courtier — ‘safe’.