Getting on dating website cause of lonlinesd

I was the typical developer type–introverted, fascinated by systems, a bit scared of all that messy, unpredictable people stuff –but coming in a girl-shaped package makes you atypical in most development teams.

Always the only woman in the meeting, often the first–-the first female R&D engineer, first female project lead, first female software team lead-–in the companies I worked for.

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Feast your eyes on this sparkling gem of a quote by writer and poet Maya Angelou: “Music was my refuge.

This is an excellent song to listen to as you stare at the kitchen floor and cradle a mug of rapidly-cooling coffee. You are one of the lonely people; there’s no escaping it.

Listen to those dark violins, those morose cellos; listen to the tragic E minor harmonies and the unbearably depressing lyrics. Revel in the Fab Four’s deliciously mournful nectar.

I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” She has a point: the right song can turn the most dour of days inside out. It was difficult to choose only one Smiths song for this playlist; it could easily have been titled ’The 25 Best Smiths Songs About Loneliness’.

So, because we all go through rough times and we all get lonely, Elite Singles have assembled the following playlist of songs about loneliness, just for you. However, PPPLMGWIW takes the crown for sheer unapologetic woe.