Gamebattles not updating Web camera sites

I don't think we will see space travel in Gears in the foreseeable future.Considering the Serans barely even had the tech to launch satellites into orbit ~43 Seran years ago near the end of the Pendulum Wars(approximate guess based on duration of Locust War and time between Gears 3 and 4) and couldn't maintain them, I doubt they now already have means for travelling in space. I think it's more likely we'll get to see the seas once again yeah, i see, just a thought. It's very easy i got it on my first match, just melee down people and shoot their head off.This applies to: What steps do I need to complete to play in the NAIA?The process looks a little bit different for freshmen, transfer, and international students. high school students who complete their junior year with an overall 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or who have at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale midway through senior year) and meet the NAIA's minimum ACT or SAT test score requirements may receive an early eligibility decision from the NAIA Eligibility Center.--- EDIT - Beginning Friday, January 20th, at 3am EST, players will be able to earn a maximum of 50 points from the CWL Pro Point Ladder per 24 hour period.Once a player earns 50 points in that 24 hour period, they may continue to compete in CWL Pro Point Ladder matches, but will not earn any points until 3am EST the next day.

Have you read up on the thread about Cliffy Bs idea on a different Gears 3 ending? The concept of that seems completely bonkers(crazy, if you will).

8 players (4 on Play Station Vita) can join the world depending on the settings, as well as 16 players on Current Generation consoles.

If the game is public, other people that are not friends with you can join your world.

But again, G7 may be very well into the future, and who knows, may be we'll be done with the Swarm by G6 and for G7 TC may decide to just go fully bonkers, as you mentioned(lol), especially if it will be teh last Gears game, they might just put it out there. the pistol is not on the body but on everyone else the pistol is visible at all times. You can also jump over cover,stun someone and shoot their head off. I HATE SEEING FAKE RANKS AND PLAYERS WHICH CANT USE A DROPSHOT OR USE SHOTGUN DAMAGE ON A SCOUT ETC I HATE PLAYERS USING CARRRY SPEED ON THERE SNIPER CLASS BECAUSE OF SPEEDRUNS.... SNIPERS WHICH JUST SPOT STUFF THEY DONT SHOOT SO MANY BAD HABBITS FROM PLAYING SPEEDRUNS YOUR NOT GETTING BETTER AT THE GAME YOUR JUST BORING YOURSELF TO DEATH.

Though i would rather want to get a more explorative kind of game then: like soldiers being sent to nearest planets to explore them, that would be fun. I did those 2 things and got it within 5 mins Nope.