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He said he was willing to pay for the shipping as well as the car, but because of currency exchange problems, he wanted the Mosches to accept a cashier's check from a business associate in the United States for ,800, then wire ,200 to the people who were going to handle the shipping.

The Mosches agreed, received and deposited the check, waited a week until their bank told them it cleared, then wired the money to the supposed shipping company.

Jeff and Shawn Mosch, a Minneapolis couple who were taken for ,200, started a Web site, Scam Victims United, to tell people about the scheme. The couple posted ads on the Internet to sell Jeff Mosch's 1961 Buick Special.

Among the inquiries was an e-mail from a man claiming to be a car dealer in Africa.

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While there has been a big increase in the volume of those letters in the past year, scam artists -- possibly the same ones sending the letters -- have fashioned a new twist to get people's money, said Rick Harlow, a Secret Service special agent who investigates many of these proposals.

In tangible terms, it only takes a few ratings of somebody’s relative attractiveness to be moderately confident that the person is generally perceived to be above or below average, but it’s also the case that almost all participants had at least one partner who perceived him or her to be noticeably above average, and at least one who had the opposite perception.

Correlations between perceptions on different dimensions As one would expect based the Halo Effect , people who were viewed positively on one dimension were viewed positively on all dimensions.

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