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Please read, "Cabin Fun", first to get the full effect. Dad will call tomorrow when they know more." "Don't worry mom. After cleaning up we sat on the front porch until the insects bothered us too much. As I came into the main room, I saw my mom looking at my sleeping bag. I must have had a wet dream mom." "Right, but I think you had a little help. Don't bullshit me and don't leave anything out either. I knew I was caught and hoped that Ashley meant it when she said she didn't care if our parents found out. Ashley and I were screwing our butts off last night.* My mom, Jennifer, Jen for short, and me, Chuck, were left alone at the cabin. "I thought Ashley got a tick on her, mom, but I think it was just a piece off a branch that caught her. We went back in and mom headed for the small bathroom to clean up. Ashley and I had forgotten to clean up my cum that I had shot all over my bag. I will also ask Ashley and your stories better match. We had more sex while you and dad were gone than we had in our whole life.It all has started when me and my wife had a financial crisis and had to work a lot. I closed the door before going to bed and fell asleep without a blanket. Unfortunately there was only one bathroom and it was down the hall in front of my bedroom.I worked night shifts and she worked during the day. It was in the afternoon when I woke up and saw my mother-in-law standing in the door half naked.Open please." And I was just about to burst, so I struggled out an "Okay" and I came all over my stomach. Just as I was hitting it hard, ready for it to cum, my mother walked by and just stared. After about 30 seconds into this staring contest my cum burst out onto her shoe.

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She said something, maybe good night; I'm not sure and turned her back on me.My sister, Ashley was taken into town by my father, to see a dentist. You took Ashley there and she seemed to make it a point I go see it, so---lets get going before it's too dark." Mom and I hiked the same path to the opening with a view of the lake and some rocks to sit on and drink in the scenery from. Mom thanked me for showing her this spot and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was feeling a little horny after my romp with my sister, Ashley yesterday. I told her it was a tick, but I just wanted to see how she would react." "How did she react, honey? I would wash up when she finished, if I still had hot water. I might also add, it was the best and hottest sex I could ever want." Mom was silent.My mom was very fit for her age, thirty nine, and was eager to go see the lake. I sat with mom for an hour, just laughing and talking about life and then we headed back to the cabin. " I couldn't tell mom that we screwed ourselves silly after our examines of each others bodies, "She took it very well and only got a little upset, mom." When we arrived at the cabin, mom started to make dinner. I started a fire in the fireplace and lit some candles as it was getting dark out. She sat there, but her mind was a million miles away.I was also very fit, being only eighteen, but I was still a little tired from Ashley and me having sex all night. "Ashley must have really liked the view too, honey. I didn't want to hurt her and I didn't want hold back anything.Mom and dad had no idea of what took place between my sister and me while they were gone. I was worried that mom would go crazy and yell, but she stayed silent.