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Keep your camera ready, as the alligators and birds all enjoy a photo opportunity.

Stop by the macaw aviary and witness their beautiful eyes and feathers.

Wander around the park, visiting raccoons and owls along the way, and then try to catch a glimpse of the elusive bobcat.Layoffs, pay cuts, and/or failure to find a suitable job have all been recent and widespread indications of the risks that are inherent to almost any gainfully employed position.Certainly entrepreneurship has the potential for great reward to accompany its risk but one thing worth mentioning is that the commonly quoted statistic that over 90% of all small businesses fail within 5 years is considered an unsubstantiated myth and other studies put the number at around 50% (which may or may not accurately reflect “failure” as it may include family businesses who shut down on their own, businesses who were bought out, serial entrepreneurs who moved on to bigger and better things, etc.).It was scheduled to finish in mid-August but the completion date was brought forward to August 2 after highway chiefs extended working days, introduced weekend shifts and increased manpower.Work has included laying of more than 500 metres of highway drainage, installation of 500 metres of telecom ducting, installation of 500 metres of new water main and service connections, and installation of 500 metres of new gas main.