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She has been sleeping with, cuddling with and saving all her loving purrs mostly for my 12 year old daughter. Sincerely, Becky and Bob Hi Jennifer, Well you did it again! I know you are doing everything right you are wonderful breeder with such a huge heart. Nola is doing so great and runs and plays all over the house. Hope you're feeling better and having a great week! 💞😻🐈Jenny, Penny and Nola February 23, 2016Jennifer What you maybe don't know is just how much I, and many others, who have given a place in their families to your kitties, appreciate you and what you do. Devons are very special and so are you, so thank you! If someone ever purposely hurt this cat, Id go nutts on them. Yes, good breeding has to play a part here, no dought. We will get another Devon sooner or later, Next time a girl.. I wanted to send you a few pics of our first week with Angel and some of the things she had been enjoying: she loves to play in my hair, she is gentle with my granddaughter, she loves our furry blanket, she even loves and does good at her computer game. If Addie is laying with me on the couch, and Oliver lays in a cat bed, Addie's immediately leaves me for Oliver. I'm SO happy and warms my heart so that they love each other's company. He sticks his head up in the air and you can tell it feels so good to him. Oliver always puts his "arm" around Addie when they lay together. I promise we will keep in touch even after Tonka comes to our house, lots of pictures and updates. We'll be in touch and I'll see you hopefully soon after the New Year to bring home our baby.

When my daughter calls Sunshine, Sunshine comes running and meows back to her in response. What you have done for so many babies and their families speaks volumes of the devotion and love you give to every birth. Michelle and Brandon January 10, 2017 Very excited! I never thought we'd find a breed that my husband could tolerate with his allergies but he does pretty good with him. Just wanted to let you know he's doing well and couldn't be more loved, hope all is well with you guys and all the fur babies. Much love, Lou September 20, 2016 My husband and I are thrilled with our beautiful kitten from Jenelrex. She loves to snuggle and to play with us, our friends and family, and even with our Pomeranian. She follows me around and lays on my lap all the time! Now don't let that pain return, enjoy your new babies (make Jim help you ;) and keep me posted on how it's all going. Barbara January 17, 2016Jennifer He really is the perfect pet.. I had a couple of my bros I ride with over last night. They are playing fetch with a cat in a sweater, Going hes so cute... He walks up to a stranger with a toy in his mouth, drops it at their feet and stares at them.. We are enjoying her, and she is a fun, curious, loveable kitten. I can't tell you how's my times I've looked at the pictures of him, he's so sweet and cute. Thank you for taking such good care of him, we love him so much already. Merriest of Christmas blessings to all of you and much love!

We've decided to name him Midnight so we can have Mischief & Midnight - M&M!! Please reach out to me if you need more Internet or other help. I can't believe I well have Kira for 1 year in a couple of weeks. She is truly the most wonderful, playful, intelligent and amazing little girl! I hope to hear from you soon and hope you have a great weekend! You have proven to me that you legitimately care about your customers & the health & well being of your cats. The personality is out full bloom and boy, is he a little ham!

Looking forward to more pictures of the baby to come! I hope you are doing well and all the kitties are doing well too. Below are a few pictures of "Winston" and "Izzy."Scott & Donna March 29, 2017 He is adjusting wonderfully!