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(I used spray glue.) Cut the outline shape of the Pokemon.

We don't just think outside the box, we paint it, reshape it, and glue glitter wings on it! Glued them together on a black poster or foam board.

While I am definitely not attending awards shows, I can relate.

Why not have a drink while I’m getting ready to go out? So that’s how I got here, to the decision to go thirty days without a drop of alcohol.

The toys are kinda pricey, so this Mommy made some Pokemon posters instead! To make the cutting template, first, find a good image of the Pokemon. I used dollar store posters, colored paper, and card stock.

The kids wanted a Pokemon Party with some of their favorites "to catch". Cut the image into those sections so you can print each section on a piece of paper. Cut out the shapes with their corresponding colors.

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