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His viewers range from your typical male Internet troll to giggly girls to groups of friends, all of whom react in complete awe of him.Mimicking the original video, he licks a sledgehammer and mounts himself on a makeshift wrecking ball in his living room, which appears to be a yoga ball tied up with rope.When you got sick of them, you’d simply hit “next” and they were gone forever. We’d talked about so many things–our families, how we grew up, school, our hopes for the future (how college does this sound…) Plus, there was something so romantic about being strangers. I’d even think about skipping parties just to talk to him.

One minute you’re expecting that pretty girl in the Chatroulette window to take her top off and show you all kinds of goodness only to be faced with a neck twisting lunatic.And true to form, he also strips completely nude for his performance.Even when [SPOILER ALERT] the ball breaks, the show still goes on!But what really gets us smiling like idiots are the reactions he gets. Even the most hardened-looking viewers can't help but crack a smile, and many even join in with some of their own heart-felt lip cats in space.