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While they glance through files, I twist Amber's nipples between my fingers, listening to her puffing breath. She is not allowed to orgasm, except when she's in pain and has her ass full. Just do the basic, every day, run of the mill slave training. "Slave Mallory, due to your disrespectful actions towards Slave Amber, and towards me, you are being punished. The whip wraps around her body, twisting her around. A particularly brutal blow lands across the girl's nipples. She whimpers when two of my male Handlers carry her to the medical building. I dismiss them, and the handlers usher them away, and back to their training.

I wait until all the files are back in my possession. Amber, you have thirty minutes to punish Slave Mallory." I nod towards Amber, watching as she raises the whip. The lashes are now starting to bleed, and Mallory's cries are growing hoarser. I warn Amber there is only five minutes left, and the whip flies even faster. Amber prances over to me; her vindication is evident on her face. Mallory's training will start tomorrow, but the rest of the girls' training starts immediately.

• Lurking is permitted, however, if a free person addresses you, you must answer them.

• Slaves are NEVER required to give out their personal information (real name, location, phone number, email, IM, etc.) and are strongly advised to avoid doing so.

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