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(It’s UV-protected, soundproofed triple glazing, of course.) “That apartment barely went on the market, he was like the first person to see it, it was done,” Mr. “The apartment had been rented, it was coming up for sale, and he said, ‘I want it.’” profile; the DJ weighed 324 pounds before gastric bypass surgery; he smoked crack for two years; and he quit cigarettes with hypnotism.

But, despite his televised relationships with heiresses like Nicole Richie, he’s actually a laudable DJ. Hardesty said: “He’s a Long Island kid that made it big! Goldstein, actually, grew up in Philadelphia and L.

The rumored couple was spotted leaving Warwick nightclub hand-in-hand early Thursday morning.

Nick looked as happy as can be departing from the hotspot, and the former TLC member could very well be the reason behind his smile!

So will neighbors gawk at the DJ’s eight-foot-high windows?

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