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Me: So, remember that guy I had a date with last week?

He called me the next day and we spoke for such a long time.

He’s not my normal “type” so I think it’s interesting. Me: Yea that’s what I think, bc he kept looking at me with that ‘look’.

I wonder if they were real friends or just jealousy tools… Tell him that you have a call, but don’t tell him who it is, that kind of thing. Bc this guy is not a douche type, he’s pretty cool. Me: Ok, sounds like a plan 😉 Midtown Boy: Basic rule of life….people always want what they feel like they can’t have.

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Glycolysis quickly took a backseat to a blooming relationship and with each exam my grades dropped little by little.Entering my sophomore year of college, I, like many other UGA women, had finally decided that the incredibly unbalanced male to female ratio on our campus was not in my favor, and I vowed to quit looking for a relationship and focus on my studies instead.Everyone always says that you find exactly what you were looking for as soon as you quit looking for it, and who woulda thunk it? Redding and I met in our summer biochemistry class.Redding and I began sitting next to each other going into the second portion of the class.Little by little, my once meticulously detailed notebook dwindled into a collage of passed notes, tic-tac-toe, and box drawing games.