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Izzy who is a dairy farmer’s daughter and has dated a couple of farmers said: “There's no right time to date a dairy farmer as it's nearly always milking time!

I guess summer is the best time as cows will be out, so there’s less routine work to do.

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Be a good cook - most farmers have great mothers who can seriously cook!

No one was allowed to approach her under any circumstances.

A) Silent Treatment Berry: The Oscar-winner reportedly paid almost ,000 to have her cabinets re-stained and drew up a list of 'DON’Ts' for the workers in her house.

” And upon this story’s conclusion, I shrugged my shoulders apologetically at Abe, who seemed shell shocked by the whole ordeal.

” she asked, as we sidled up to the bar at The Roger Room. Google it." This revelation segued seamlessly into her next anecdote, “This one time my “friend” Ashley was at a dinner party and she totally had to poo, so she went to the bathroom but the toilet wouldn’t flush, so she like totally freaked out, and someone was knocking on the door, so she took it out of the toilet, put it in her purse, and went back to the party!