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Welcome to the grand opening of the dating casino….Get your Chips, high rollers stand in front, let the game begins. The world of dating and attracting women can be a lot like a casino. Probably because the place sports enough bimbos to be called “Skanks R’ us.’ And the lure is too great to resist for men. No, but this scene does favor certain types of guys.If so, When the Music Stops dating agency has been hosting professional, well organised and fun events at upmarket venues all around the UK, since 2003.If you’re looking for a new partner, lots of dates or even just new single friends outside your usual circle, then When the Music Stops could be a great option for you.With a bit of skill, you can turn the odds quite a bit.

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You simply book and pay for any event that you’d like to come along to online, through our very safe UK based booking system provided through Sage Pay by the Lloyds Banking Group.Your host Lovey Foxtrot brings a half hour of frothy fun with romantic situations. The Dating Casino was a romantic festival of what could be and what of course is.Contestants reveal what matters most and the audience gets to guess who will win the Game of Love! We want to play at love and cartoon around with our better selves.I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such an amazing, loving, sexy, caring and forgiving wife!You are the best ever and I am so happy to have put a ring on it!