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The camera then pans over to David Dunn (Bruce Willis), who grunts, “Mr., as everyone has noted, is a stupendously ambitious movie.He’s deployed it over and over throughout his career, to arguably diminishing returns, before dropping it entirely.

They create the wormhole and the tesseract that saves Cooper.

(Similarly, by going back in time to try to kill John Connor, Skynet leaves behind the advanced robotic parts that lead to the creation of Skynet.) Without time travel, whether such a thing is possible remains theoretical, but it’s something theoretical physicists do argue about.

(If you’d like to read more, theoretical physicist Kip Thorne has a whole chapter about this in his book is the geometric term for a four-dimensional cube.

Discover a mystery that has cloaked a dangerous secret and unravels a plot with shocking twists as you go through each episode!

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