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system was perfected during the Ming and then became stratified; almost all the top Ming officials entered the bureaucracy by passing a government examination.

The Censorate (Yushitai), an office designed to investigate official misconduct and corruption, was made a separate organ of the government.

Struggles with peoples of various nationalities continued throughout the Ming period. During the first decades of the dynasty, the Mongols were driven north to Outer Mongolia (present-day ), but the Ming could not claim a decisive victory.

From then onward the Ming were generally able to maintain their northern border, though by the later stages of the dynasty it in effect only reached the line of the .

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

This is a great place to come, littered with temples and shrines, and, at a mere 12 square km, is easily navigated and covered in a few relaxing days.

Even for those not coming on a Buddhist pilgrimage, the island provides a peaceful atmosphere and some of Chinese premiere beaches that even the most atheists will be impressed.

Wanli Era is one of the most prosperous time of Ming Dynasty.

Booming economy resulted in luxury life style across the country. We can see this from these gorgeous phoenix crowns.