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He started his career in 1994 with his debut movie Cityscrapes: Los Angeles with the role of Joe.After two years in 1996 he did the movie Hellraiser: Bloodline with the role of Jacques.But apparently, that doesn't mean he's available, either. Related: Photos of Adam on and off the course In a Wednesday interview on "CBS This Morning" Scott was asked about the female attention he's been receiving since his breakthrough win. The answer appears to be Marie Kojzar, a 31-year-old Swedish architect.According to this 2008 profile in "The Australian," the two actually began dating back in 2001, but broke up in 2008 -- an event that Scott says "definitely had an effect on my golf.") following Scott's win at the 2003 Scandinavian Masters. Shortly after Scott split with tennis beauty Ana Ivanovic, producers of ABC’s “The Bachelor” pursued Australia’s most eligible bachelor to be a contestant last year on the dating show where one man dates 25 women at once in the search for love.Women around the world rejoiced at the prospect of seeing the golf hunk in their living room every week. Will try and meet,” Bachelor executive producer Robert Mills tweeted at the time.

Adam Scott is a famous actor who has dazzled the movie and TV series industries with his charismatic personality and terrific acting. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is white. He completed his schooling from Harbor High School.Scott’s parents knew the occasion was a wedding, but they were the only ones who were aware.“We just said we were having a party, so come on over,” Scott said.Some of them are: Dead at 21, Boy Meets World, ER and Murder One.By Alex Myers Adam Scott isn't married and the biggest hug he got on Augusta National's 10th green after winning the Masters on Sunday came from his caddie, Steve Williams. I'm very much in a relationship, and am very happy at the moment."Check it out below at about the mark: When pressed to give a name of his significant other, Scott said, "Marie." So who is this "Marie," you ask?