Chatterbot uncensored

Then somehow she escaped, ushering a second round of apologies after Tay tweeted her delight in “smoking kush” in front of the police.

And it just kept going from there, from Tay tweeting she “wouldn’t mind Trump, he gets the job done” to comparing Obama to a monkey to wishing Hitler was in power again.

have all in the last five days learned the hard way that in China, software is power.

Tech companies that might put up a fight elsewhere over content restrictions or access to their products crumble in the face of the Communist Party.

“Famous & Uncensored” will feature more widely known figures from the hip-hop and sports communities as well as a handful of sexy models and influencers.

Internationally known rapper, Trick Daddy hails from Miami, Florida.

As first speculated in January, the purveyors of all things cool are back at it again with a second drop of their unisex collaboration. In an odd (read: unexpected) pairing, the duo is bringing together raving (quintessential Wang) and cycling (quintessential Adidas) culture for season 2, tapping into the plight of New York bike messengers, who, with a simple text, answer your streetwear prayers and deliver your piece (or pieces) of choice directly to your doorstep.“Fueled by adrenaline and excess, the protagonist of the campaign symbolize a youthful spirit of freedom,” the press release read.

It seems like we live in an age of agitation, where freedom of speech has taken a turn for the worse in the form of uncensored social media.On the “Famous and Uncensored” podcast rapper Trick Daddy brings the raw gritty and uncut version of his take on being famous and as the title predicts uncensored.Trick Daddy no doubt, tells it just the way he see’s it on this platform.They introduced Tay, an AI designed to speak like a teenage girl, to Twitter.“Tay is designed to engage and entertain people where they connect with each other online through casual and playful conversation,” Microsoft said when they loosed Tay to the wild.