Catherine zeta jones antonio banderas dating

I think this time I've found the love of my life."She was also spotted in a passionate embrace with Paul Mc Gann, her married co-star in the television mini-series Catherine The Great.Mc Gann denied an affair and remained with his family while Zeta-Jones went on to be linked with Mick Hucknall, lead singer of Simply Red.She dated Blue Peter TV presenter John Leslie for two years from 1991.Their split came when she allegedly pushed him to start a family.She was there when he made Evita with Madonna and when he filmed [The Mask Of ] Zorro with Catherine Zeta-Jones and for tons of movies after that.She was always there to support him,' says the friend.'Melanie had kind of checked out of the relationship,' said the source. She has been in therapy constantly working on her issues.The blonde beauty was quick to slam those reports, however, noting that the 53-year-old's estranged wife Melanie Griffith - who filed for divorce from the Mask Of Zorro star on June 6 - is one of her good friends.

Seriously, since when was “erotic sword play” considered an integral part of turning a woman on and where can we sign a petition to have it taught in schools?

The feeling among celebrity fortune-tellers is that they are headed for divorce, and that it is Michael who wants it most.

Seasoned pro as he is, he realises that movie-star splits tend to feature a third party known as public opinion, and that even if you win in court, you can lose badly on Oprah.

Harvey Levin, of the showbusiness website TMZ, explains: “Couples used to put up the wall of silence, but now the stuff gets out there anyway, so they are jumping into the fray early on.

If a party doesn’t look good at the end of the divorce, regardless of the financial settlement, they’ve failed.” If the marriage of Ms Zeta-Jones, 43, and her 68-year-old husband is really over, the hurt will be felt not only by the couple, but also by lovers of Hollywood fairy tales.

Catherine zeta jones antonio banderas dating