Carol vorderman who is she dating

The end of her first marriage was just a beginning for Carol Vorderman. As per the report, the couple first met in 1988 at the wedding party of one of their mutual friends.

Four years later after her divorce with Christopher, Carol was walking down the lane again and this time with Patrick King who is a film and television director. Everything was different with her second nuptial and was going perfectly.

In all fairness, there’s like a 75% chance that Carol Vorderman‘s camp flask was filled with youth elixir and anti-aging cream as opposed to water. Well, as you may be aware, there has been some talk surrounding Carol becoming the ‘rear’ on an ‘online cougar dating website’.

Has the queen of Countdown So, now that Carol has found herself back in the real world after leaving the I’m a Celeb jungle, how will she fill all her spare hours?!

They divorced each other in September 2000, exactly 10 years after their marriage. After a couple of years of the divorce, Carol Vorderman began dating Daily Mail columnist and PR consultant Des Kelly.

The couple reportedly met at a Christmas Party and lived together in London from 2001.

Carol asked Joel if she could "touch his stick" in some very steamy scenes that were left out of the main show.

Carol Vorderman, who is not only a loving mother but also an obedient daughter, still lives with her mother.

After living together for a lifetime, some of Carol’s mother’s teachings must have rubbed on to her. She got married to Christopher Mather in 1985, but the marriage lasted for only 12 months. The marriage was reportedly affected by the news that her then on-off boyfriend had moved to New Zeland and had found a new girlfriend.

Caption: Carol Voderman's marriage with Christopher Mather Meeting Mather, who was a Royal Navy Officer at such a time, she made a hasty decision to get married after only a few months.

No biggie), we have to admit that we were Carol became single last year after splitting from her partner Graham Duff.

Speaking of her love life, Carol has shared that she is very much a single ‘gal at heart- sharing, ‘I’m not harming anyone.