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That meant addressing diversity and inclusion—including LGBT rights—openly.

She wanted to put those issues "on the table because Lloyd's is extremely traditional." In the past two years, it's managed to improve the share of women on its executive teams in London—albeit slightly—from 3% to 5%."So, we have made a little step, but fundamentally we have got a really serious issues," she said, noting that Lloyd's is far behind other FTSE 100 companies.

Arzner fit that stereotype, unfortunately, which made Joan quite uncomfortable.

As writers are in rooms right now, working on new, forthcoming seasons, we can only hope this message is being heard, and resonating with them.

They need to consider why, more often than not, lesbian and bisexual women are the expendable ones.

She'd tired of hiding the reality; of leading a dual life.

"I can now be much more myself; I can be my own personality," she said on Monday.