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This revised and updated edition for teenagers who have questions about abusive dating relationships helps them understand the causes and consequences of their situation, learn what they can do about it, find help from parents and other adults, and discover how to build healthier relationships.In Love and in Danger is one of the only books available on dating violence and abusive relationships that addresses young adults directly in a straightforward and non-condescending, covering nearly all areas of teenage relationship abuse linking in to academic research that goes back to 1981.This demonstrates how this topic has been an issue for some time but is only in more recent years coming into mainstream discussions.Miles offers thoughtful advice and answers to such questions as: What constitutes violence in teen dating relationships? What are the warning signs that parents and other caring adults can watch for that may indicate a teen is being either abused or abusive? They may not be willing or able to approach family members; they may not know how to start coping with the effects of these traumatizing events.Written by a psychologist who has worked with abused kids and teens for more than a decade, is for adolescents searching for positive ways to deal with their history of abuse.

These cases are complex as the histories of these families are so diverse, sometimes domestic abuse has been a factor in the home but sometimes it hasn’t been present at all.Targeted for parents, this is an examination of early warning signs and indicators of potentially abusive dating relationships.This book discusses social trends that can draw young women into controlling relationships, barriers teens face in ending abusive relationships, the psychology behind a teen abuser, and how teens can develop healthy, respectful relationships.Holt explores the different types, impacts, and services responses to this issue.It is a useful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about this topic.