Block microsoft office from updating pros and cons of interfaith dating

They’re more services than software, and although Windows has always had fairly regular updates, Windows 10 has been unpopular with users because Microsoft really forced those updates out and restarted PCs even if you were in the middle of something.

Things are better now thanks to a feature called Active hours that lets you set a period of time each when Windows won’t restart. Windows 10 Home users can’t defer updates like Pro users, but no-one can put them off forever, and nor should they.

A lot of software these days is updated automatically, including web browsers and the operating system on Google Chromebooks.A user can dismiss the upgrade notification via the close button in the right corner of the notification bar.The bar will disappear until the next time an Office 2013 app is launched.While investigating the fixes for the recent Microsoft Office OLE vulnerability, I encountered a situation that led me to believe that Office 2016 was not properly patched.However, after further investigation, I realized that the update process of Microsoft Update has changed.