Asian dating mall

Take in a moment of quiet reflection as you explore the Crow Collection of Asian Art, located in the heart of the Dallas Arts District.

The free museum features a diverse array of historical and contemporary works of art from Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia, with some artifacts, jewelry pieces and statues dating back to 3500 B. The peaceful outdoor garden, covering an entire city block, features 15 sculptures, including a Japanese bell and an 18-foot Chinese character that translates to mean Buddha.

Be sure to try all the tasty Thai food from local restaurants - don't miss vegan papaya salad and chicken satay.

Take the family for a visit to the International Museum of Cultures, just 25 minutes south of Downtown Dallas.

Like its counterpart on Purdy Avenue, it has its reliable crowd pleasers.

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With large statues that greet you upon arrival and a center filled with specialty restaurants and shopping, this area is a must-see.

You are not restricted to just satisfying women that stay in the exact same city or community as you do.

With online dating Asia sites you have the ability to fulfill women that live a couple of hundred miles away or perhaps a couple of thousand miles away, all with a couple of straightforward clicks of your computer mouse.

I prepped for this event like Simone Biles before the Rio Olympics floor. When the big day arrived, I skipped breakfast, did some half-hearted crunches, and rolled up to Da Tang with the swagger of a low-rent Kanye.

Alas, my Chinese rock star dreams were cruelly dashed.