Arashi ohno dating

Various hashtags in relation to the scandal began to trend on Twitter.The social media accounts of Ohno’s alleged girlfriend, Natsume Suzu, were inspected with great detail by fans of Ohno, the point of even discovering evidence in the reflection in her pet pug’s eye.When he was in Kyoto, he started going out with an older girl who was a back-up dancer of Kyo to Kyo.The dancer had a child ( Some even claim that it was even Ohno's ) when they first met and was a single parent.Remember Ohno was spending his trainee days in Kyoto, and he wasn't as famous then apart from being a junior in acting in stageplays, thus having this rumor going around in wide speculation is such a big deal..There are soooo many variations of this story, seriously, but I'll just gather the important points.

Kokubun married a woman he was dating for 7 years, an employee of TBS.

aside from the addiction with fishing he’s normal!!

); disappointed because if he really is dating her, dear Ohno, can’t you find another girl who hasn’t been seen almost naked by the whole of Japan?

Ohno Satoshi, the fisherman, artist and everything else.

Over the years, I've personally observed the increasing number of Ohno fans among Arashi stalkers. But together with his ever changing hairstyle, Ohno also had his own number of girls as the years went by, some with fellow entertainers, others are girls we, as fans, would never get to know about.